Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update and Info

Long time no post! I usually try to get two or three posts written per week but the past month (and the next few months to follow) has been a whirlwind of work, travel, and other socio-political wrangling which has taken quite a bit of effort to maintain/contain. Here's some random info so it at least looks like a post was written...
  • Tonight is the Meet, Plan, Go event at places all over the US. Check it out here.
  • Our infrastructure is toast. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
  • It's articles like this that make me long for the days of vigilant justice.
  • I don't hate FaceBook as much as I used to. I signed up under a throwaway email and have found it is an interesting way to keep up with what the kids and grandkids are doing (although I am still loathe to use it for connecting with business contacts).
  • I must be working too hard (or not paying attention to what is happening in the world of entertainment) as I have no idea what any of these headlines mean.
  • I am always amazed when I check in on this family. If you are looking for "how to survive anywhere" lessons, this blog has some pretty good tips (ie: travel light, have a goal, work together, etc).
  • A friend of mine sent me some disturbing news about his local gun range. This has a very negative impact on gun rights and the safe use of firearms. For gun grabbers, this probably won't be an isolated incident.
  • Bored? Creative? Try entering one of these contests.
  • Emergency fund looking a little thin? How about not spending anything for a month? Here's how.

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