Friday, September 17, 2010

10 Physical Safety Tips

There are literally hundreds of safety tips you can follow to stay safe. Here are ten physical things you can do to protect your safety:
  1. If you get in a car wreck, don't immediately hop out of your car unless it is on fire. A car is your best protection on a road where other cars could crash into you at a chaotic scene.
  2. If someone tries to kidnap/abduct you, even at gunpoint, refuse to go with them. Better they shoot you where you stand (at least your body will be easy to find) than to be taken to a secondary location (where they will probably kill you anyway).
  3. If you hear loud noises (ie: gun shots, sounds of an assault, etc) don't immediately go running out to see what is going on, rather, determine what is going on from a position of cover.
  4. Think you hear someone breaking into your house? Don't immediately grab your gun and run out looking for an intruder. A better option: get your firearm, call 911, ensure the family is all together, preferably in your safe room, and listen for what is happening. Eventually the intruder will come to you if they are indeed robbing your house. Obviously you want to clearly identify your intention to shoot (loudly) so that you give fair warning so that you don't inadvertently shoot a family member/law enforcement officer/etc.
  5. I know people like to run/bike/walk while wearing their iPods but the only place it is safe to do this is in a gym. Any time you are in an unsecured area (roads, trails) you need ALL of your senses to keep you safe. Not being able to hear cars or people coming up to you is a dangerous thing to do.
  6. Never be afraid to fight back when the situation warrants it. And no, when you are protecting your life, you don't have to "fight fair"--do whatever it takes to save your life.
  7. Any time you are in public (or around people you don't know/trust at your home/office/a friend's home) you need to guard your physical safety. Date rape drugs put into drinks, being lured away from your friends at a nightclub, having someone surreptitiously check your ID to find your home address then make a copy of your house key for later use, etc. are all things can happen when you aren't on guard.
  8. The way you act/carry yourself can have a great deal of bearing on your physical safety. Don't walk 'like a victim', don't be afraid to be rude to people when it comes down to your physical safety (ie: answering a 'can you help me?' question from a stranger with a firm 'NO'), not being afraid to yell/swear/act like a crazy person if the situation warrants it, etc.
  9. Be aware of your surroundings. Sounds simple but there are plenty of things that you can do to protect your physical safety in various environments: make eye contact with people you pass on the street to let them know you are paying attention, walk in the road if necessary to avoid walking too closely to vans/alleyways/deep doorways, keep scanning the road ahead and look behind you occasionally as well, etc.
  10. Don't be afraid to run and hide if necessary. It's always a good idea to be able to come back and fight another day.


  1. "Not being able to hear cars or people coming up to you is a dangerous thing to do."
    Indeed. I have seen someone dying right before me eyes that way. He shoved his bike just in the way of an onrushing ambulance (with siren). He didn't see it and didn't hear it, the music must have been really loud. The ambulance driver had no chance to avoid him. He flew 15 meters through the air and was immediately dead.

  2. Not one of your better lists. Don't be afraid, and don't be stupid. That about sum it up?

  3. #11: Be careful when using social media. Posting on Facebook or Twittering about your vacation advertises to thieves that you are not only away from home, but that you have the means to travel and therefore must have stuff at home worth stealing. Same goes for any significant purchases.

    #12: Don't let your guard down among people you know or authority figures. Be polite and respectful, but keep in mind that even those people can be dangerous. Focus on the BEHAVIOR, not the person.

    #13: For the ladies: wear sensible shoes or carry them with you. It can be hard to run or walk any distance in 3-inch heels.

    #14: Don't be afraid of offending people if you feel unsafe. Simply say, "I don't feel safe about (Situation X, Person Y, Activity Z)" and walk away.

    #15: Always tell someone where you're going. At least they'll know where to start looking if you don't return.

  4. I thought it was a great list -- I emailed the link to my teenage daughter. (I know she reads the stuff I send her because she usually mentions "that scary article you emailed." As long as she reads the things I send, I know she's taking note of it, at least a little. And that's what counts.)