Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review: Invisible Money

The 'Invisible Money' ebook from JJ Luna has been sitting in my documents file, staring at me everyday, wondering when I will get around to writing a review about it. Since it has been waiting--for about two months due to my recently very hectic schedule--I figured I better get to it. Actually, I have read the book twice, once when it first arrived in my inbox (I love ebooks for just that convenient), then again a month later when I had a four hour airport layover. Since I am already a fan of JJ Luna's, I kind of knew what to expect and wasn't disappointed as his books tend to include equal parts old time wisdom, clever tips, and interesting facts.
While I don't want to give away all of the great information in the book, here's my favorite parts:
  • A section on how to transport large sums of money without getting caught. How his wife smuggled money in her hair was something I had never thought of.
  • A section on sending money to yourself. Why drug dealers and the like (I'm not encouraging such behavior, just making an observation) would risk carrying tens of thousands of dollars in their car when they are cruising up I 95 is beyond me. But then again, like me, I bet they never though of using a variety of services that are listed in the book to literally bring the money to them instead of taking the risk of carrying the money themselves. Duh.
  • He asks the question "if your home is searched right now, what would law enforcement/burglars find?" Excellent question and a good way to look at the situation when you are considering safeguarding your valuables and other things.
  • Another interesting modification that I will be adding to my home this summer is his plan for hiding a storage area between the studs of an interior wall--of course disguised when you look at it--which, best of all, can be opened from either room.
  • He explains the benefits of using small state banks instead of the monolithic national chain banks.
  • The section on invisible investments would require you to determine the feasibility of the suggestions on your own. Since I don't trust anyone, especially with my money, many of the options listed would not work for me. They may work for you.
  • The appendix sections all touch on different issues that are more or less related to money such as Canadian and European banking, how to deal with the police under a variety of scenarios, and other safety and security topics that are often overlooked in our day to day lives. Good info!
Overall, another good read. There are definitely some things I learned that I will be putting into affect for my own security and privacy.

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