Saturday, August 21, 2010

Link Roundup: Random Info Edition

Here's some stuff you may find insightful/useful:


  1. Edible guns?? Good Grief! Those photos are a little...umm...strange looking at first. No luggage, something tells me that this is more of a guy thing, just my female point of view.

  2. Edible guns are a bad idea (IMHO). And it goes against the number one rule of gun safety which is to treat ALL guns as if they are ALWAYS loaded. Just thought it was something everyone should be aware of. And, yep, I couldn't imagine myself carrying around a pocketfull of underwear either.

  3. I sure some of us can recall the terrible damage that was done to us as kids when we mistook candy cigs for real ones. Children aren't smart enough to know the difference! Also, cakes are sometimes made to look like objects that are not edible! Where are the warnings? We must protect the children!