Monday, August 9, 2010

11 Ways the Government "Helps" You (and Why You Should Decline Its Help)

Here's 11 ways the government purports to "help" you:
  1. It gives you 99 weeks of unemployment "benefits". This ensures that you will have been out of the workforce so long as to be obsolete.
  2. It gives you a 'food pyramid' that if followed, will nearly guarantee that you will end up fat and with a handful of chronic illnesses.
  3. It gives you welfare programs that encourage generational welfare dependence and thus whole generations of families that can't take care of themselves and can't teach their children to take care of themselves either.
  4. It gives you "mandatory education" that teaches you how to follow the rules and be a subservient citizen.
  5. It gives you low priced (subsidized) wheat, corn, and dairy. How about some subsidized fruit and vegetables?
  6. It gave you the TSA ('thousands standing around', as one writer put it) which gives you a false sense of security and an even worse than before airline experience (if that's even possible).
  7. It gave you war after war that it won't allow us to win. The last war we won was World War II. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, the 'war on drugs, the 'war on terrorism'...all wars that led to plenty of money to fill the coffers of the government-industrial complex. And plenty of deaths to the young men and women of our country.
  8. It gave us THE largest prison population in the WORLD.
  9. It gave us "stimulus plans" and "bailouts" which have done nothing to improve the economy but rather made it limp along on life support for an extended period of time. If it would have let failing businesses, um, fail, then the economy would have been able to rebuild itself. Quickly.
  10. It's given more support to a myriad of foreign countries (and their infrastructures) than to our power grid, highway system, and bridges are teetering on the brink of failure. Did I mention they did this with YOUR tax money? Did you know that roads in our country are being de-paved because they can't be maintained?
  11. It gave you a Social Security system which you are mandated to pay into...with no guarantee that there will be there when you retire. (hint: it probably won't if you are 40 or younger).

The bottom line. If you see the government coming at you with a "we are here to help you" opportunity, decline. And take care of yourself. You will be much better off in the long run.


  1. Insight, the gross mismanagement of the federal government of American tax dollars is criminal in nature. We are approaching a tipping point in so many areas of our economy that soon it will not matter what we do.

    I can only hope we can get our act together on rebuilding the infrastructure and ending corruption in government before we reach the eventual endgame: tyranny or anarchy.

  2. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

    -The Borg Government.

  3. agree.. it's not 99 weeks though, not months -- no one would work, ever

    good stuff -- keep ut up