Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Workplace Shooting

Once again, another workplace shooting occurred today. Read about it here.
Unfortunately, when you have an unreasonable person who wants to kill someone and doesn't have something as compelling as their own safety to worry about (since they don't mind killing themself after the deed is done), preventing these kinds of incidents is not an exact science. Not even close. Here's some links on the topic:

A couple of ideas for preventing this type of situation (from yours truly):

  • Work for yourself (in a location/situation of your choosing)
  • Don't have employees
  • Make good personal choices (such as choosing significant others who aren't violent/crazy/have major personality disorders)
  • Be ultra aware of your surroundings at all time
  • Get in the habit of safety (locking doors behind you, etc)
  • Always be prepared to defend your life if necessary
  • Be consistently inconsistent
  • If you are aware of a threat situation (ie: a relative involved in a domestic violence situation) take planning steps/action immediately
  • Don't rely on the police/a protection order/a video camera to protect you. The only thing that will stop a homicidal maniac is firepower. Period.

The bottom line is that these situations are random and unpredictable, however there are usually plenty of warning signs ahead of time. Don't dismiss these warning signs.


  1. Congrats...You just made it to the top of the stuff-stack

  2. Carrying a gun for self defense can help too.

  3. Good list. You mention "Be ultra aware of your surroundings at all time".

    Maybe break that down into,

    1. Being aware of those around you and how they are acting. (Condition Yellow)

    2. Have a way out planned always or several. Not just for a workplace violence issue, but in case of fire Earth Quake etc.