Friday, April 9, 2010

DPT--Do You Know Where Your Neighborhood Sex Offenders Are?

Something to check out, on a regular basis and especially if you have kids, is who and where your neighborhood sex offenders are. Now I don't recommend vigilante justice and hunting these perverted people down, but being aware, and making your children aware, of this potential danger in your neighborhood is of the utmost importance. There is a reason that whenever there is a child abduction/assault/etc by a stranger that sex offenders are the first people that law enforcement checks on and this is because the recidivism rate for this particular type of offender is so high. Identify your local sex offenders by starting with this website, then Google your state and county sex offender websites as well.


  1. Is recidivism, re-arrest of what offense, re-conviction of what crime, or re-incarceration as what punishment?

    CNI you disappoint me. This seems like fear mongering and nothing is worse than the actions of afraid and untrained people.

    Use these resources as a skeptic and double check convictions through the court system. Your local sex offender might be peeing on your lawn at night.

  2. I stand corrected. I checked out this info and found that property crimes had teh highest recidivism rates followed by assault. Thanks for helping to keep the info on this site factual.