Thursday, April 15, 2010

Domestic Violence Preparedness

Oprah was on TV this evening in the background and when I heard "our guest today is renowned safety expert..." which of course made my ears perk up. The topic today was domestic violence preparedness which, like any disaster situation, requires a good deal of education, a plan, and resources if you want to come out of such situation in reasonably good condition. Here are some excellent links to help you or a loved one prepare for a domestic violence situation:

Even if you are not in a domestic violence situation and never plan to be, having the skills and knowledge to personally protect yourself are invaluable skills for everyone to have.


  1. CNI: I found this post disturbingly useless. I worry that watching Oprah has effected your mind. Many of these "non-profit" groups make their money by "solving" common sense problems. Makes me think I could start my own "tripping preparedness group" I could suggest things like "tying your shoes, and watching your step" This is just the tip of a huge iceberg. All these groups survive with taxpayer money, government grants, and well meaning fools. The problems are never solved, so their jobs never go away. Everyone against their do-gooding cause can be called evil haters. People running it can pay themselves big money. Nice.

  2. Actually I don't "watch" Oprah however there is usually something on TV in the background during the evening and I just happened to hear the term "survival expert" which of course got my attention. When I find information that is useful (generally preparedness/survival related) then I feel compelled to share it no matter the source or how that particular source is funded.
    The purpose of the post was to highlight the importance of having an escape plan as well as an awareness of potential domestic violence threats which can impact anyone.
    While I would have plenty to say about non-profits and do-ggoder organizations, that would be for a whole different blog...

  3. I think it would be a lot more productive if we set our differences and got down to the real issues here.

    No one is saying that the links provided are perfect, these are suggestions from others. Other people that made these lists from their experiences, which may be different from someone elses list.

    It is important that we take these lists and analyze them and make sense of it to see if we can use any of that information for ourselves.

  4. Excellent point boc. Fortunately we have wise, well educated readers who share their (considerable amount) of experience via this blog which benefits everyone (they also correct me when I am wrong which I am very appreciative of). Not everything here works for everyone but usually there is a grain of wisdom/usefulness in each thing you read whether or not you find the infomration in its entirety useful or even agreeable.