Sunday, March 21, 2010

Link Round-up: 10 Things to Consider This Weekend

Gathering up my wits after a busy month or so of traveling (with more to come), I figured I would clean up my favorites list and offer some random advice:
  1. A good article about the current state of the economy for the middle class. Note that the last three sentences of the article sum up my feelings exactly.
  2. The whole health care debate/debacle makes me want to stick a fork down my throat. As always, I usually side with Ron Paul on these things. His list of recommendations here.
  3. Speaking of health care, I haven't been able to find anything about the impact of the health care reform on TRICARE on other military/vets programs. Here is an older article that was rattling around my favorites folder.
  4. Immigration is still very much in the news as well. See rally info here. The immigration process is broken on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin...
  5. Just made a run to Walmart (why does it cost almost exactly $100 each time I go into that store??). Now seemed like an opportune time to do a couple of simple preps around the house: stock up on batteries since my stock is running low, a run through the clearance aisle netted me some super discounted candles, winter clothing is being heavily discounted (sweatshirts for $3!), and a restock of basic home supplies (garbage bags, ziploc bags, a couple rolls of duct tape, a gas can to replace one I sent with a friend who was heading to Alaska, etc).
  6. It's yard clean up time. All of the neighbors seem to have the same idea. Better to gt a jump on these tasks now instead of waiting for a few more days of good weather which will cause the grass to grow a couple of more inches. It is also gardening time!
  7. Spring cleaning will take place next weekend. The entire house gets scrubbed clean from top to bottom (followed by a huge garage sale in late April).
  8. If you are in need of new appliances, check to see if your state has started a new "cash for clunker appliances" program. 12 states have done this so far, beginning last week.
  9. Done your taxes? Just a friendly reminder that they will be due in a few weeks.
  10. New favorite website for interesting questions and intelligent answers on a broad range of topics...AskMetafilter.

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