Friday, March 5, 2010

20 "Radical" Tasks You May Want to Complete

I say "may want to complete" because I don't want to specifically contribute to the delinquency of my fellow US citizens...but then again, maybe I do...
  1. Open a foreign bank account.
  2. Get a second passport or better yet, nationality.
  3. Live life on your terms.
  4. Choose the material goods you need and dispense with the rest.
  5. Radically simplify your financial life.
  6. Become debt free.
  7. Minimize your possessions.
  8. Start carrying cash.
  9. Find a place to flourish.
  10. Set up your office where YOU want it to be.
  11. Achieve a goal.
  12. Take responsibility for your own health.
  13. Wear good shoes.
  14. Go car free.
  15. Learn how to dumpster dive.
  16. Don't give in to excuses like "I'm too old to...".
  17. Be armed.
  18. Find an ideal spouse.
  19. Prepare for the future.
  20. Live like no one else.

And why these specific tasks? Because they are so unusual as to be practically un-American. When you look at the average American you will find that they #1 have no idea about having some back up money in a foreign account, #2 don't even know they could hold dual passports or citizenship (which may be important in the future), #3 live life on terms set for them by their parents, employer, friends, etc, #4 chase after ALL of the material goods that "everyone" says you have to have, #5 have highly encumbered financial life, and are #6 up to their eyeballs in debt, #7 own tons of junk that they paid good money for, #8 never carry cash and rely on the credit Gods for financial "rescue", #9 will stay where they are even if it is killing them, #10 will work where they are told to even if it is killing them, #11 don't have goals, #12 think that doctors are responsible for their health, #13 wear shoes that are stylish versus shoes that are good for them (this is also synonymous with what they eat, where they work, and a whole host of other social ills--style over substance), #14 own a car because "everyone else does, #15 would never consider dumpster diving, mostly because of the social implications, #16 make excuses of every possible type to explain their current situation instead of doing something about it, #17 are afraid of guns (mostly because they listen to the media hype and have no actual knowledge of them), #18 have spouses that make them miserable and vice versa, #19 are too busy living for today to prepare for the future, and #20 live like EVERYONE else.

Why be normal? I would highly recommend being as "abnormal" as possible...


  1. Your blog is great! ^.^ I don't think I could ever do #1, #4, #7, or #13 I love my stuff and cute shoes :P

  2. Maybe a few qualify as truly radical, but all were thought provoking. And I was surprised to see a few of my fav sites in there. Great minds think alike?!

  3. Suprisingly, all of these ideas weren't so "radical" just a couple of generations ago. People think that doing anything outside of what the mainstream media presents means you are a "radical". Scary. I'd rather be weird than "normal".

  4. Spend good money on shoes. They will help your back and your wallet for a long time to come. If you can find a small local retailer you can often put more expensive shoes on layaway.

  5. Amen!

    Thank you, I need all the delinquency I can get. :)

    - Greg