Monday, August 10, 2009

Earthquake Preparedness

There have been a few fairly sizable earthquakes over the past couple of days. Even though the earthquakes have taken place near Japan and India, and whether or not you live in an earthquake prone area, you need to be aware of earthquake hazards and preparedness tasks that you can do now and during such an event because you never know when you will find yourself in the middle of a huge quake. There could be an earthquake where you live, regardless of whether you live in an earthquake zone or not, or you may be on vacation at Disneyland when things start to rattle so it's good to refresh your memory now instead of after the fact. Here's some earthquake preparedness resources:
Like any disaster, there are no specific "if you do this, you won't die" kind of preps you can make. Each disaster is different and has an outcome unlike other disasters, but you will, however, significantly improve your odds of survival if you know what to expect, know what the most likely tasks/skills for survival are based on lessons learned from past disasters, and take steps to prepare yourself ahead of time.

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