Thursday, July 23, 2009

News Roundup and Some Commentary

It's been a busy few days in the news. Here's some stories that have been in the news recently and some lessons learned:
  • A murder-suicide on a local military base. Lessons learned: just because you are on a secure military base, it doesn't mean you are safe. If you are in a domestic violence situation, you better have a damn good plan to protect yourself.
  • Harvard professor arrested. Lessons learned: if you are breaking into a house, even your own, the police may show up. It only makes sense to prove your identity and cooperate because they are in essence protecting your property. It isn't a race issue, it is a "my actions make me look like a burglar" issue so stick the race card back in your pocket and thank the police for their quick response to what could have been a burglary at your home.
  • Baby killed in car accident. Lessons learned: don't drink and drive (duh). Everyone in the car should be seat belted and babies and children should ALWAYS be in appropriate child safety seats. Basically these people killed their baby because of their (really really stupid) choices. Sad.
  • Our states are going broke, good luck if you rely on them for a check. Lessons learned: minimize your expenses, maximize your savings/job skills/sources of income and above all, don't rely on the government. Note that it is hard to pay your rent or buy groceries with an IOU from the government.

I really need to go on a news fast. Most news is bad news which is a real downer (as you can tell from my tone).

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