Sunday, June 7, 2009

Poll Results and a New Poll

Our latest poll asked "How is the ammunition situation in your area?"
Your answers:
  • 2 people (6%) said there was no problem and they could buy as much ammunition as they wanted.
  • 5 people (15%) said that there were some shortages but that the shelves were restocked regularly.
  • 12 people (37%) said that there were lots of shortages and you had to be there when they unloaded the pallets to get any ammo.
  • 13 people (40%) said that the shelves were bare and that ammo was nearly impossible to get.

I guess my only question would be where do those two people live where ammo is plentiful?? The shelves in my local stores as well as stores in a number of states that I have visited lately have all seemed pretty sparse!

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  1. Pretty sparse here in Virginia. Walmart's got nothing but 12 guage. Not even 22lr.

    If you go to the gun shops, you can find most ammo, but stand-by for sticker shock.

  2. Well that all depends upon the type of ammo you need. The more popular ones in most areas are much more difficult to obtain.

    Glad I got over 10,000 rounds of .22lr a year ago.