Friday, May 22, 2009

Old Poll Results and a New Poll

When I say old poll, I mean it. I think this poll was posted over two weeks ago...
The question? What are you doing about swine flu?
The answers:
  • Nothing. I don't see it as a threat. (11 people/16%)
  • It's heightened my awareness but I am waiting to take any actions that may be needed. (51 people/75%)
  • Cancelled a vacation, staying away from sick people, wearing a mask--taking difinitive action (2 people/2%)
  • Isolating myself in my home until the threat is over. (4 people/5%)

Even though we are still in the throes of swine flu and there are still many cases being reported, it turns out that the threat wasn't as severe as originally thought. Make a note, however, that all of the infectious disease researchers at both the CDC and the WHO feel that this or a similar flu will come back in the fall but it will be much more lethal and contagious. That means prepping during this summer will be more important than ever.

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