Sunday, February 15, 2009

Poll Results and a New Poll

Our latest poll: What is your weakest area of preparedness? Just wrapped up. Here's how everyone answered:
  • Financial 31 people/41%
  • Food and supplies 4 people/5%
  • Shelter 3 people/4%
  • Security/weapons/etc 3 people/4%
  • Communications 12 people/16%
  • Skills (survival, medical, etc) 8 people/10%
  • Getting others on board (ie: family) 14 people/18%

It's no surprise that finances is the weakest area of preparedness for many people. With the current economy, tanking stock market, unstable job situation, et al, many people are concerned not only for their financial future but for their immediate financial needs. Getting others on board is often a challenge--they say opposites attract which means that if you are all gung ho into preparedness, there's a good chance that the spouse isn't. Finally, I'm glad that people are aware of the challenges of communications during a disaster--it is often after a disaster that people realize that their land line is dead, their cell phones have no reception, and they have no other communications alternatives (such as a HAM radio and the skills to use one).

With these challenges in mind, we will focus future posts on working out these problems. Be sure to check out our new poll.

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