Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poll Results and a New Poll

Here's the results from our last poll: The question--what kind of food makes up the bulk of your emergency food stores? Here's how people answered:
  • Canned, boxed, bagged--the kind you get from the grocery store 44 people/72%
  • MREs all the way 1 person/1%
  • Nitro-packed, freeze-dried, and dehydrated 1 person/1%
  • An equal portion of each of the above 14 people/22%
  • None--I'll hunt my food down when I need it 1 person/1%

The results were what I expected. The easiest and most convenient way to store emergency food supplies is just to pick up a few extra cans or bags of food when you do your regular grocery shopping each week; with these kinds of foods you can pull them out and use them if you need to cook for a big party, want to donate to the local food bank, or run low at the end of the month. MREs are quite specialized and a bit more expensive so having only one person who stocks these exclusively is not surprising. Ditto for the nitro packed and freeze dried variety. I like that some people chose to store some of each types of these foods--it makes perfect sense to store food that will meet all of your needs, both for basic disaster and bugging out. I'm surprised that only one person will hunt down their food when they need it--I know quite a few people who do that now!

Be sure to check out our new poll and keep sending in the ideas for future polls.

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