Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Location Poll Results and a New Poll

Posting will be a bit messed up for the next week or so--I am out of the country and internet access is slow to non-existant so I try to type up a post then upload it as quickly as possible before the internet goes out.

Here’s an update on our latest poll. The question—What part of the country do you live in?
The answers as outlined below were a bit comforting, it looks like instead of having pockets of preparedness, the percentage of people who read this blog and are therefore probably into preparedness are spread pretty evenly throughout the US.
  • 12 people (20%) are from the Northeast
  • 12 people (20%) are from the Southeast
  • 8 people (9%) are from the South
  • 14 people (16%) are from the Midwest
  • 10 people (11%) are from the Southwest
  • 10 people (11%) are from the Northwest
  • 0 people are from Alaska and Hawaii
  • 8 people (9%) are from outside the US

Check out our new poll too...

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