Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Remembering Our Soldiers at Christmas Time

If there is one time of year that people's thoughts turn to others, it's during the Christmas holidays. This year is no different--other than the fact that many people are broke--but there is still a simple, inexpensive way to let those who have served or are serving our country know that you remember and appreciate them. Here's how:
  • There is an address going around the internet (Any Recovering Solider at Walter Reed Medical Center) however after a bit of research, it looks like this is not the way to reach a soldier as due to new security regulations, all mail to US soldiers must have a specific person's name on the envelope. So don't do this.
  • Walter Reed does have in informative web page about how the public can donate to service members; check it out here.
  • Another great site to connect the public to our men and women in the armed forces is
  • There are a couple of military sponsored websites that allow you to send messages to the troops. Check these out here and here.
  • Finally, while it is too late to mail an actual card to our men and women in the military through the Red Cross, you can access their email a card service here.


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