Monday, December 1, 2008

Poll: What's The Most Important Thing You Carry With You?

Our last poll about the most important thing that you carry with you on a daily basis turned up some interesting information. People's most important item--a pocket knife (15 people), was followed by a cell phone (11 people), a firearm (7 people), money/credit card (3 people), and lastly "other" (2 people).
Those results pretty much mirror my thoughts. I use my pocket knife all the time for random tasks, almost as much as my cell phone. Money is always good to have on hand, and while I have never had to use my firearm, it ranks up there in importance like a seatbelt--you don't realize its critical importance until the split second when it will save your life.
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  1. Leatherman wave - a multi-tool with knives, pliers, awl, file, etc and fits snugly on a belt.

  2. My wits, and attention to the surrounding environment.