Sunday, December 14, 2008

Old Poll, New Poll, and Thinking Outside of the Box

First...the results of the last poll...
The question: When it comes to Christmas spending this year, how will it compare to your spending last year? No suprise...
  • Spending more--only 2 people (4%)
  • Spending less--13 people (28%0
  • Spending waaaaay less--19 people (41%)
  • Spending the same--12 people (26%)

POLL: What do you see as your most pressing survival threats in the next few months? Take our new poll...>

And some interesting websites for thinking outside of the box...

  • One Dollar Diet Project (a thoroughly interesting idea--the kind where you cheer others who do it but hope you never have to)
  • Tiny House Blog (I seriously want one of to convince the spouse...)
  • Breakfast at Sally's (I recommended this book when I first started reading it. Now that I've finished reading it, I really really recommend it as it gives a lot of survival tips that can come in handy for everyone)
  • Voluntary Simplicity (the older I get, the less I need...)


  1. I just discovered this blog through and I've greatly enjoyed your writing. I find it useful, rational, practical and blissfully free of paranoia or dogma I am wondering, do you do an RSS feed or any sort of syndication?

  2. Took your poll. I voted homelessness.

    I seen many marriages broken due to job losses and all of the other items in the poll lead to homelessness.

    One friend die due to his marriage being broken up, another friend just pack up and moved to mexico in to his vacation home (( purchased when he was single;))

    No matter what, personal or economic disaster , can take your piece of mind. Then you go into a survival MODE. Its takes lots of energy and courage to take the first step to HIT THE ROAD.

    I personally dont have the problem YET. But I have taken all the necessary stepd to prevent being homeless.

    I got my travel trailer PACK TO THE MAX, My old van got tune up, new carpet and matress replaced, tires are like new and above all I got a place to park it, PAID IN FULL, for the last 16 years.

    Whenever I see, something happening to another person I ask myself, CAN IT HAPPEN TO ME???
    I refuse to be a victim.

    Stuff that is being thrown away I save for future use. I still buy new clothes, one half goes to the house, the other half goes to my travel trailer.


    an ounce of prevention.

  3. This post was great.

    Lots of info

    thanks....a lot.

  4. Ounce...good point. I too often look at situations and think what if...what if that happened to me, what if the person had done this or that, would they still be in the same situation, etc. Also, when people are stressed it is easy to blame those closest to you (like the spouse) but the bottom line is that I can survive anything with the spouse--we make a good team--and would probably fare less well by myself so keeping that relationship good is one of my highest priorities.
    Pat--this blog does have feeds allowed on it so I believe saving it to your feed burner will work (I am less than technically savvy so will check with my web person about this).