Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Way Primative Skills

We get along just fine when things are working well...electricity, plumbing, furnace, etc. What happens if none of these things work? For most Americans, angry calls to the service companies and indignance, then desperation and eventual panic if the services stay off long enough. Today take a wander through your home and make a note of what things you would need to be able to do if all of our modern conveniences were unavailable. Here's some ideas:

  • Laundry Room: wash clothes by hand and hang to dry; make your own laundry soap; repair or make your own clothes/shoes.
  • Bathroom: compost your own waste; wipe with water; heat water for a bath or shower; make your own soap; make your own toothpaste; make your own medicines; make your own personal hygiene products (women); provide basic medical care.
  • Bedroom: create a safe sleep environment.
  • Living Room: heat your home; light your home; clean your home; defend your home; entertain your family; teach your children; communicate with others.
  • Kitchen: make/process your own food; cook your food; wash the dishes; preserve your food (without a fridge or freezer); obtain potable water.
  • Outside: grow a garden; repair your home; make your own ammo; have basic transportation; raise/butcher animals for meat.

For most people in first world countries, these skills have been lost long ago. Machines and services that make our lives hum along are the norm. There are millions and millions of people in third world countries, however, who still use these skills on a daily basis. Take the time now to try some of these things just to get an idea of what you would/could do if TSHTF and life as we know it changes dramatically.


  1. Much of these skills can be learned by backpacking away from "civilization" for a week or ten days. Give it a try - great training that will come in handy come SHTF