Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sheltering in Place...

Oddly enough I can't figure out how to place a post which I just finished up, under today's date. It will only post under the date I started working on it which was last week, so if you want to see the latest post on sheltering in place, scroll down a couple of days...


  1. Well, I do have a no code ham license, but I can only transmit in the 2 meter band. I do have 2 radios but, if there is a EMP they will be useless.

    I am looking for the old tech. receiver and transmiter or if I'm lucky a transceiver with the old vaccum tubes, because they are not prone to failure in case of an EMP.

    Do you have any ideas of an alternative method of communications ??????

    Of couse...other than sign language.

  2. There should be a place that says "Post options". Go there and change to date to today. Or do like I do when I'm lazy and copy the entire thing, the simply create a new one right now and paste the info in it and publish.

  3. edit the post and click the "post options" link (on the left hand side at the bottom), then you can change the posting date and time.

  4. Thanks for the tech help.

    Alt comms: land line phone, HAM radio, cell phone, sat phone, email, Twitter, text messaging, CB radio, hand held walkie talkies, dead drop/live drop messages, fax, hand carried messages, radio broadcast, TV broadcast, short wave broadcast, emergency beacon, any other ideas readers...?

  5. Check ebay for tube sw recievers.