Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hiding Stuff Around the House--20 Places

Say you need to hide something, either to retrieve it later or to pass it off to someone else at a later time. Let's say the item is small such as money, a document, a key, or a thumb drive. With a ziploc bag and some duct tape, you can hide the item in the following locations (just remember where you hid it):
  1. Behind the wall switch plate or electrical outlet plate (take off the plate and stick it on the back side of the adjoining 2x4).
  2. Inside the case of your desktop computer or television.
  3. Under the carpet and pad (be sure to restretch the carpet back to the tack strips).
  4. Inside the exterior mainline drain clean out access port.
  5. Buried in a sealed plastic container in a non-obvious place in your yard (use GPS coordinates to remember exactly where it is).
  6. Remove the toilet, stick it up under the toilet in the crevice, replace the wax ring, and reinstall it.
  7. In the attic under the insulation.
  8. In the heavy seam of a blanket (re-sew the seam of course).
  9. In the hollow leg of of a modern desk (some are made with hollow steel tubes).
  10. Inside the closet perched above the sliding door rollers.
  11. Buried in the dirt of a potted plant (not under the plant pot but buried in the dirt, the larger the plant the better).
  12. The kids have a large gumball machine; when it is full of gumballs you cant tell what is hidden in the middle of it (keep the gumballs full).
  13. Underneath drawers (drawer under the over, freezer drawers, etc).
  14. In a bottle of shampoo, can of paint, etc. (you may want to use a plastic heat sealing device for absolute water-proofness).
  15. In between the slices of bread in a frozen loaf in the freezer or in the center of a frozen chicken.
  16. In a custom-made collar for your Rottweiler.
  17. Under your 150 gallon aquarium (before you fill it with water).
  18. In a decoration (we have those big bottles of decorative vegetables in water that do noting more but sit on the counter and be decorative).
  19. In an old hollowed out tree.
  20. In an old shoe.
All of these places are temporary of course, and you also need to be careful that the place you hide them item doesn't walk away, be given away, be thrown away, or be stolen.
Here's some more ideas...http://www.cockeyed.com/lessons/hiding/hiding2.shtml


  1. Sealed container in your septic tank

  2. In the wall when you remodel.

    Behind window trim, but sealed so weather/bugs can't get it.

    Install with any semi-[ermanent fixture in the house. garage, business.

    Duplicate item at your friend's house.

    Disguise it in plain sight.

    In a hollow spot under a loose floor tile beneath the upright piano.

    Behind a brick/mantel in a fireplace.

    Behind a book. in a book.

    In some raggedy box or item no one wants to touch.

    Under all the dust in the back of the refrigerator/freezer.

    Seal item in Otter Box/Ziploc bag/ammo can/envelope/custom-made shape from duct tape.