Monday, November 17, 2008

An Economics Poll

Our last poll took a look at personal economics. The question: How has your spending changed in recent months? Here's how people answered:
  • 36% (11 people) have cut back on spending
  • 23% (7 people) are paying off debts
  • 23% (7 people) are saving more
  • 16% (5 people) have not made any changes

Apparently the economic slamming on of the brakes has caused many people to make changes in order to boost their bottom line. Recession or not, depression or not, simple things like reducing unneeded spending, paying off debts, and saving more money are just common sense measures that will help you no matter how bad (or good) the economy is.

On a side note, I'm quickly running out of poll ideas. What kind of questions would you like to see in our polls?


  1. Being one of the 36% who've cut back, I'm wishing I could've also voted on saving more, cuz the two go together, kind of pretty much ;)
    As to other polls- have you done any yet on 'how many have an alternate Bug Out Site', or 'how many will Shelter In Place'? (though you may've done these and I mist them).

  2. I've been working at a combination of all three....debt reduction, saving more and decreasing spending levels. It's just plain old "common cents".


    BTW, Excellent poll!Great questions!

  3. Good will see those questions in a future poll!