Friday, November 21, 2008

25 Ways to Fly Under the Government's Radar

Say you want to avoid being tracked by the government. Obviously doing one or two things won't make a difference because there are a multitude of ways to track you, and because we are all so intimately tied into easily accessible surveillance systems, it is getting easier by the day for the feds to track your every movement (and therefore more difficult by the day to avoid them). Should you want or need to avoid surveillance, consider these ideas:
  1. Pay cash only; no credit/debit cards or checks.
  2. Shop way out of the way stores where they do not have surveillance systems. In a similar vein, don't patronize casinos or other locations with surveillance systems.
  3. Don't have anything registered in your name (boat, car, house, phone bill, etc).
  4. Have a couple of separate identities with full documentation (btw this is illegal).
  5. Don't travel with a passport; don't have a passport.
  6. Don't travel by plane, train, or bus (most of these modes of transport require positive identification when you buy a ticket or before you board).
  7. Don't have a driver's license.
  8. Don't make calls from a phone (cell or home) that is registered in your name.
  9. Use only disposable cell phones purchased with cash; turn off the phone and take out the battery when it is not in use.
  10. Don't get involved in the legal system (no arrests, lawsuits, etc).
  11. Don't apply for anything (credit cards, public welfare benefits, concealed carry license, etc).
  12. Home school your children.
  13. Be self employed.
  14. Don't join the military or work in any field that requires a security clearance/biometrics/etc.
  15. Pay your taxes on time. Better yet, be able to live an a tiny income which would preclude you from needing to pay taxes.
  16. Only access the internet surreptitiously (ie: from unsecured signals on a computer that is not registered to you).
  17. Don't regularly drive a car that has GPS/On Star capabilities.
  18. Don't use store loyalty cards or join membership type stores (ie: Costco).
  19. Have a doctor and dentist on call who can treat you without documentation (some of these providers will treat you if you pay cash and don't need anything major (narcotics, an operating suite, etc).
  20. Don't have any registered firearms.
  21. Don't have a bank account or other financial accounts.
  22. Don't be registered anywhere online (ie: PayPal, EBay, Amazon, etc).
  23. Do your own home and car repairs (don't get into anyone's 'system').
  24. Don't get any tattoos/piercings/other identifiable marks on your body.
  25. Don't vote, serve on a jury, or do anything else that would get you registered in a government system.

After reading this list, you may deem a task such as avoiding government surveillance impossible. You may be right. There are a very few, however, who can do this. They don't have conventional lifestyles and don't do a lot of things that we consider "living a normal life", however this is the choice they have made for whatever reason.


  1. It's great to be anonymous, but I can not rent a room or an apartment without an ID.Walking to another place might be too late in the evening/night and be stopped by the cops just to see who am I.

    There are too many problems but there are too many ways . I guess the best thing to do is just be ready/prepared for any eventuallity need it or not.

    In other subject. I just noticed that the .99 cents store is charging .9999 cents, intead of paying $ 1.98 for two items, they charge me $ 2.00 even, that .02 cent extra from just me. How much do they get a day from all the sales????

    I guess they are using the system gas companies used on pricing 9/10s extra for every gallon of gas.

    Great post.


  2. Actually, I guess it depends on who the government is tracking. You or your identity.

    Simply getting alternate identity will allow you to live a semi normal life without the government being able to track you. Of course they will be tracking this new identity.

  3. Too funny about the .9999 cents! Many items only see a profit of maybe 5%, so adding an extra point is very good for the bottom line.