Monday, October 20, 2008

Poll Results and a New Poll

Here's the results from the money poll:
The question: How much money do you have to help you through a disaster?
The Results:
  • 8 people said barely enough to make it through to payday.
  • 11 people said they have a couple hundred dollars and a handful of credit cards.
  • 9 people have six month's worth of expenses saved and growing.
  • 7 people had fully funded emergency funds, cash, gold, stocks, etc.

Even though these are tough times, the importance of having money socked away for a rainy day can not be emphasized enough. The one thing that helps people through disasters is having money to fix whatever the problem is, whether it is needing a last minute plane ticket to visit a dying relative, having to rent an apartment because your home is flooded, or needing to pick up and move at the last minute. If you are having trouble saving, I suggest tuning into Dave Ramsey's show (on radio, TV, or via podcast) because he will harangue you every day until you get on the earning and saving bandwagon.

This week's poll is a simple yes or no question...will you vote in the upcoming presidential election? To me it seems like an obvious yes, however when I did a bit of research, I found that only 54% of eligible voters cast their ballots during the last four decades of presidential elections (and look where that's got us...). Anyway, no matter what side you support, vote!

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  1. Not voting can be uses as a vote against the system.