Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Paranoia? Maybe...Maybe Not

Either I'm losing it or our government is...and I don't think it's me...


  1. Come to Riverside California and youll see Canadian Soldiers in uniform eating at Hometown buffet.

    Nothing new....


    What is your take on this?

  3. I just checked out the site and I find it hard to believe (although NOTHING would suprise me with this government)that all banks/ATMs/etc would be shut down for an entire week. First, it would be political suicide for all of the lawmakers in our country. People will complain about the bailout, they will complain about big business but they haven't felt the pain yet. A majority of the people in our country barely remember how to use cash since the debit/credit card has become so ubiquitous, taking their only means away for buying gas to get to work, buying food to feed their family, and purchasing medicine for their children, would cause immediate pain and the American public simply wouldn't stand for it. There would be mayhem and that is not a risk the government would take.
    That said, people should ALWAYS be prepared. They may have read the blog post you listed and now they are worrying about what to do and all of the sudden something happens tomorrow that was totally unexpected such as a hurricane, smallpox outbreak, Twin Towers-like event. Now what? If you are prepared, it doesn't matter what the disaster is--you will be far ahead of the crowd and able to take care of yourself. See today's post for some simple tips to get prepared.