Saturday, September 20, 2008


Vagabonding has been a part of our culture for practically forever. I clearly remember guys coming back from the Vietnam War, determining that the rat race was for rats, and then choosing not to participate. They lived on the fringes of society, being what was termed a hobo or vagabond. Years ago a distant aunt did the same thing. She came home from work one day with a backpack, packed what she could carry then walked away from her husband and teenage kids to live, to this day, as a traveler with no address, no job per se, and not many ties. She had always been politely called "eccentric" (that meant crazy to the family) and I'm sure her actions traumatized her family so I would highly not recommend this course of action unless your kids are grown and you are single, but it shows how the "call of the road" can make people question, and even give up, living is what is considered "normal" society. I was reading Rolf Potts' blog today and I can definitely see how living as a modern day nomad (especially after the work week, financial week, and people week I just had!) has it's merits. Here are some of my favorite vagabonding blogs:

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  1. I also recommend HoboStripper for an excellent, though sometimes racy blog: