Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Notes

  • Thanks for taking the poll. It is interesting to see what preps others are doing. If you have ideas for future polls, let me know.
  • While at Barnes and Noble yesterday I was browsing the magazine racks and came across a special edition of Guns and Ammo 'Book of Personal Defense' magazine. It was a good read with lots of interesting personal defense info including tips on concealed carry, the best firearm to have for self defense, choosing ammo, etc.
  • In the aforementioned magazine, I ran across a term I had never heard before..."shoot me first clothing". While I say that one should wear the clothing that will allow them to blend into the crowd (ie: leave the cammo at home if you are heading into the city), this term kind of makes that recommendation crystal clear. If a shooter/bank robber/other criminal type comes into your location, who do you think they will perceive as a threat and shoot first? The grandma hobbling by with a cane, the soccer mom trying to corral three kids, or the guy that looks like he is dressed for battle?

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