Thursday, April 10, 2008

Evolve or Die

Yesterday I wrote a post with this title but after taking a look at it, it seemed more like a "how to" than a "here's why". So, I changed the name on the last post to "Problem Solving 101" in order to clarify things. Now on to today's post:

The reason I was all over the how-to of solving problems and the why-fors of evolving is because this has been a truly crazy week. For some reason, it seems as if people have more, and more kinds of problems, than usual. Therefore, the first step is to take concrete actions in order to resolve the various problems that arise (see previous post for details). The second step is to consider the reasons that these problems are happening. As in most all challenging situations, the purpose of problems is to help you evolve as a person and as a problem solver. How many people do you know that have the same problem over and over and keep using the same skills, ideas, and activities to try to resolve the problem and lo and behold, the same problem keeps coming back looking for a resolution that never seems to come?
The bottom line is that when it comes to life, problems, survival situations, disasters, et al, it requires new and different actions, new and different skills, and new and different attitudes to come to a resolution. It is actually called evolution because you move from one state to another instead of staying stuck in the same old situation. It becomes, in other words, a requirement that in order to succeed, as Darwin so elegantly stated, we need to evolve or we will die.

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