Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Top 10 Preparedness Tips

Being prepared for whatever life throws you is really quite simple...
  1. Have at least a year's worth of expenses in a fairly liquid, diversified, savings vehicle (cash, gold, savings, CDs, etc).
  2. Always have two, possibly three BOBs at the ready (one in your home, one in your car, and one in your office).
  3. Prepare your home (everything from a year's worth of stored food to alternate water/cooking/heating systems to cleaned out, functional gutters...and everything in between). Prepare your car as well.
  4. Be educated. Learn all that you can...it will probably come in handy during a disaster. Learn how to shoot, physically defend yourself, rappel down a rock face, tie knots, use a CB radio, ride a motorcycle, survive in the outdoors, use a computer...the list is basically endless.
  5. Keep UP (on what is going on in your life/community/country/world), keep LOW (as in your profile in so far as the way you live your life).
  6. Always be able to earn a living. Have skills, talents, or intellect that you can put to work to earn money, food, or a place to live if needed. Never rely on the government for support.
  7. At least once a day play the "what if" game...what if this road was washed out, how would I get to my destination? What if there was a shooter at my children's school and I just heard about it on the radio? What if I had to evacuate this office/grocery store/library this very instant? Plan, drill, review, repeat.
  8. Be as self-sufficient as possible. Grow/cook your own food. Take care of basic medical problems. Sew the button on your shirt. Cut your own fire wood. This list is endless too.
  9. Never turn down an opportunity to travel, have a new experience, or meet new people. In all of these situations, you learn something about how things/people work which can be quite useful during a disaster.
  10. Be well insured. Because you can't plan/pay for every disaster that may occur.

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