Friday, June 22, 2007

First 10 'Merit Badges' for Adults

Here are the first 10 'Merit Badges' that all preparedness-minded adults should have:
  1. Certified as an EMT
  2. General Class HAM Radio Operator's License
  3. Completion of a motorcycle operator's riding skills class
  4. Thorough knowledge of use and care of a handgun
  5. Thorough knowledge of use and care of a rifle
  6. Thorough knowledge of use and care of a shotgun
  7. Ability to run (or at least walk) a marathon
  8. Completion of basic boating course
  9. Have a Concealed Carry License (if applicable)
  10. Thorough knowledge of how to use a GPS device/10 successful geocache finds


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  2. Sorry...don't have a computer desk. I work from where ever I happen to be including hotels, airplanes, ships, other people's offices, city parks et al.