Friday, April 7, 2023

10 Things to Be Concerned About Now

Of course there is always something to be concerned about in the prepper world but these issues seem especially concerning this week...

  1. The RESTRICT Act
  2. mRNA technology in the food supply.
  3. The French protests which are barely being covered in the US (what else aren't they telling us?)
  4. CBDC
  5. A Supreme Court that has ethics issues.
  6. The possibility of an EMP attack.
  7. The dumbing down of Americans.
  8. Open AI
  9. The Standard American Diet is killing us.
  10. The march towards The Great Reset.

1 comment:

  1. On #7, Just look at the general education readability of most American current music. If it's not on the level of the Dick and Jane books or slightly above it, I'd be very surprised.and it's been noticeably declining for several decades. If someone wanted a conspiracy theory that's more than plausible that might be one.