Saturday, January 21, 2023

20 Items You Need to Be Prepared for Anything

In no particular order...

  1. A passport from your home country.
  2. A passport from a second country.
  3. $5000 in cash (dollars, euros, yen, or a mix of these).
  4. A degoogled phone for general use.
  5. A burner cell phone and sim (neither attached to your name) in a faraday bag.
  6. A reasonable EDC kit with dialed in gear to meet your needs.
  7. A foreign bank account.
  8. Multiple sources of income.
  9. A reasonable bug out bag (which will allow you to blend into an urban environment, not a 90l 'kitchen sink' monstrosity).
  10. A firearm and ammo (preferably handed down from an elderly relative with no background check/registration link to you).
  11. Non-lethal protection (pepper spray, taser, etc).
  12. An encrypted USB drive with all of your files backed up on it.
  13. A lock picking kit (and the knowledge to use it)
  14. A HAM radio (and the knowledge to use it)
  15. Some cryptocurrency.
  16. A place to stash your cache items when you don't need them (private, secure, not linked to you).
  17. A micro SD card with your entire survival library stored on it/micro SD card reader
  18. A privacy plan (ghost address, remailing service, buy assets via a corp or trust, etc)
  19. Multiple modes on transit: walk, bike, motorcycle, bus, plane, vehicle, boat, etc.
  20. Knowledge and skills (as wide and deep as you can stuff into your head).

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