Saturday, September 3, 2022

Bring Out the Ban Hammer

I've been reading and watching videos about people being de-platformed and even being banned from certain social media networks/web hosting platforms/etc. and I figured it's par for the course in this ultra sensitive, ultra moderated time in which we live.  Fortunately most go on to other ways to still get their message out.

Imagine my surprise, however, when I logged into this blog--which I have been hosting on this platform for more than a dozen years--and saw that suddenly several posts were deleted (reverted to draft and can't be published) along with the entire links list page de-listed with no explanation other then these 'violated Blogger's terms of service'.  Some of the posts were years old and hadn't--for years--violated any terms of service but suddenly that was no longer the case?  Hmmm

Most of the targeted posts were about boom-sticks (something guaranteed in the second amendment), and, oddly, a few were about a former president whose list of dead associates were starting to rival his number of living associates.  Hmmm

So we will see how long this blog continues on this hosting platform and if worse comes to worst, it will be moved to its own webhost.  

tldr; banning and media manipulation is becoming positively omnipresent so pay attention to the narrative that is being pushed then don't believe it.  Seek out the truth (it's still available online, you just need to search for it), then get outside and do some real living without your cell phone, internet, social media, and mainstream media telling you what to think.


  1. In case of a ban hammer happening to you, you will hopefully be able to post a link to the new site. I've been following your blog for at least a decade and would hate to lose it.

    1. Thanks! This site will always be found at I may change hosting platforms but the web address will stay the same.