Tuesday, June 15, 2021

100 Ways to Be Ahead of the Crowd in a SHTF Situation (Part 8 of 10)

Sometimes ya just need to live below the radar.

71.  Make an effort to NOT take your cell phone with you everywhere you go.  Your every move is tracked via your smartphone and telling people to go out in the big wide world without it seems blasphemous but learning how live without your electronic tether is a good idea (and could prove useful in a post-SHTF world).  Be untrackable.  Note, this means leaving ALL electronic devices at home including your smartwatch, tablet, and anything else that can be used to track your movements.

72.  Pay cash for everything for a day, a week, or a month.  Again, everything you do all day long is trackable both because of your phone (see above) and your electronic financial transactions.  Could you go an entire day using only cash?  Could you go a week or longer?  Being able to make yourself untrackable by your financial transactions is a good skill to have.

73.  Try walking or riding a bicycle to do your errands, exercise, or go about your neighborhood.  Moving about in an untrackable fashion is a good skill to have, as noted above.  With GPS systems in cars/license plate readers/black boxes/etc, all of your driving activities can be tracked.  Make yourself more difficult to find by walking or riding a bicycle (this is a great way to get some exercise as well).

74.  Try bartering.  It's an old fashioned skill that most people have never tried before.  This is a great way to acquire the things you need without money OR a paper trail.  It can be as simple as trading a lawn mowing job with an elderly neighbor who likes to bake to something bigger, like trading up from a paperclip to a house.

75.  Start your own side hustle or small business.  This can be a good way to add to your stockpile of cash, allow you to afford more preps, and teach you valuable skills that will come in handy in a post-collapse society.  When your normal job vanishes during a time of social and financial upheaval, being able to determine the needs of people and meeting these needs in an efficient and effective manner can mean the difference between starving and surviving.

76.  Do a media/social media fast.  Can you imagine going an entire day, week, or month without any media or social media?  Between the manipulation and brainwashing that seems to be the entire purpose of the media and social media these days, avoiding all of this mess and enjoying your own thoughts (or a nice book, or a nice conversation) may be just the ticket to getting your sanity back, lowering your blood pressure, and exploring your own interests free of outside interference.

77.  Take extreme steps to avoid being tracked like using a burner phone, using prepaid credit cards paid for with cash, spending your time in rural places where there is much less tracking done, using mail receiving/forwarding services, changing your look and your habits,  going all-out with internet privacy tactics, etc.

78. Consider moving to a very rural location.  Everything you do in a city is subject to tracking.  Between using your cell phone, retail apps, your neighbor's security systems, store surveillance systems, etc, your entire day can be tracked with impunity by any agency who feels like gathering the data.  Living in a very rural location can cut down on this sort of surveillance considerably (minus, as mentioned earlier, cell phone activity).  Going off-grid completely can also make such things as your electricity use untrackable (with a small solar system), your water use untrackable (with a well), your television use untrackable (using an OTA antenna instead of having cable TV), etc

79. There are several ways you can cover your tracks legally and basically erase yourself from searchable records including legally changing your name, using cryptocurrency (which is marginally untrackable), setting up an LLC or trust in order to buy assets anonymously, using stealth wealth tactics, and doing the FIRE thing then taking yourself off to parts unknown.

80.  You can also live in ways that make you "invisible" or overlooked like being a grey man, living as a van-dwelling nomad, or literally disappearing.

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