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100 Ways to Be Ahead of the Crowd in a SHTF Situation (Part 6 of 10)

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51.  Get professional tactical training.  Unless you have had such training via the military or law enforcement, this sort of training is well worth the cost as it increases your skills, judgement, situational awareness, and success in an armed encounter. 

52.  Get professional medical training.  Basic classes like first aid/AED/Stop the Bleed are fine but if you want really good professional medical training as well as a wide variety of field experience, consider volunteering to be an EMT.  Volunteer EMTs are in high demand, especially in rural area, and often EMT school as well as your gear is paid for by the agency as long as you agree to volunteer for a certain numbeer of hours.

53.  Get professional communications training.  In a severe SHTF situation, all normal communications may be down except HAM radio (and maybe SAT phones).  HAM radio training--from technician level test prep to basic and advanced "how to" classes--is often easy enough to find just by checking out your local HAM radio club.  Sometimes these classes are even offered free to the public and users can get advanced training by volunteering with their local ARES/RACES organization.

54.  Get professional food growing/preservation training.  Many communities offer free or low-cost training through Master Gardener or county extension programs on a range of food-related topics.  You can learn how to start a basic garden, how to compost, how to keep bees, how to can a variety of foods, and many other topics just by contacting your local county extension office.

55.  Get professional survival training.  There are numerous training organizations available to teach you just about everything you need to know about survival.  Here's an example of popular survival schools but there are many more available as well, from NOLS to those offered at your local shooting range, etc.

56.  Get professional physical training.  There's something to be said for getting in good physical shape on your own accord (a little calisthenics here, a lot of hiking there) but professional training may be just what many people need to keep them accountable and showing up day after day in order to get in the best shape of their lives.  From P90X to karate school to classes that mimic military basic training classes or SEAL work outs, there are a wide range of private and group classes to get you into great physical shape.

57.  Get professional maker training.  The maker space is big and getting bigger every day.  Many communities offer classes through colleges, hardware stores, community extension programs, and maker space businesses that can teach you everything from basic welding and plumbing to how to build a house with your own two hands.  These are great skills to have in a SHTF situation.

58. Get professional hobby training.  As we learned from the lockdown, when we are forced to stay home for weeks on end, there is a lot of time to kill.  The way people did this in the pre-internet age is with hobbies.  Now is a great time to develop hobbies that interest you whether they be useful (like sewing, home brewing, or woodworking) or entertaining (like playing piano or art).  To get a great start with your hobbies, consider getting some professional training whether through classes, individual tutoring, or meet-up groups.

59. Challenge yourself with a big project.  If you have never run a 5k, make it your goal to do a marathon eventually.  If you have minimal mechanical skills, challenge yourself to rebuild a car engine.  If you have never even been camping, challenge yourself to build up to a week-long backpacking trip.

60.  Make your mindless internet browsing a useful exercise.  Use apps to improve your foreign language skills, watch useful YouTube videos that will teach you survival skills, peruse local/national/international news sources at least once a day so you will know what is going on in the world...there are lots of useful apps and websites to help your improve your situation in a SHTF events if you are picky about what sites you choose to use.

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