Thursday, April 29, 2021

100 Ways to Be Ahead of the Crowd in a SHTF Situation (Part 3 of 10)

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21.  Have multiple ways to get water.  You have tap water, but do you have a reserve of bottled water?  Do you have a way to access well water if the power goes out?  Do you have local sources of water (pond, lake, river, etc) and a way to carry, purify, and store water from these sources?

22.  Have multiple ways to cook food.  You have your kitchen stove but do you have a patio grill with extra fuel?  Can you cook on your wood stove or in your fireplace and have stored wood?  Do you have a camping/backpacking stove with extra fuel?  Do you have a fire pit with stored wood and a grate you can perch your pans on?

23.  Have multiple ways to stay cool/warm.  Do you have proper clothing to stay cool/warm?  Do you have extra blankets/sleeping bags?  Do you have multiple ways to heat your home such as an alternate fuel stove/wood stove/fireplace with an insert?  Do you have multiple ways to cool your home like fans/a swamp cooler/etc?

24.  Have multiple ways to power your electronics.  Do you have battery banks that can be charged for later use?  Do you have a DC/AC power adaptor that will allow you to charge USB and 110 volt items in your vehicle?  Do you have a simple solar set up that will allow you to power small household appliances?  Do you have extension cords, USB cables, and other adaptors that can be used for charging purposes?

25.  Have multiple ways to shelter yourself.  Besides your home, do you have alternate forms of shelter like a tent, a bug out location, an RV or travel trailer, etc?  Can you put together a simple shelter of tarps and blankets if you cannot shelter in your home?

26.  Have multiple ways to protect yourself.  Do you have firearms and ammunition and know how to use them?  Do you have physical fighting skills?  Can you use a knife in a defensive situation?  Do you have Mace/pepper spray/bear spray on hand for less lethal ways to protect yourself?

27.  Have multiple sources of food.  You have the food in your pantry but do you have a stockpile of food in reserve that could carry you through weeks or months of not being able to access the grocery store?  Do you have a garden?  Do you know how to forage for wild edibles in your area?  Do you grow your own animals for food or do you know how to hunt and dress wild animals for consumption?

28.  Have multiple sources of medical care.  Do you have a comprehensive first aid kit?  Are you skilled in basic/intermediate/advanced first aid?  Do you keep a stockpile of basic medications and prescription medications on hand?  Are you well-versed in using old fashioned home remedies for a variety of ailments?  Are there multiple sources of medical care available in your community (hospitals, clinics, community clinics, pop up emergency clinics, EMS agencies, etc)?  Do you have friends, neighbors, or family members who can provide medical care in an emergency (ie: someone who is a paramedic, nurse or doctor who can help you out if needed)?

29.  Have multiple ways to take care of hygiene issues.  Do you have the materials to build a pit toilet in the back yard?  Do you have the materials to make a bucket toilet to use in an emergency?  Do you have plenty of soap, waterless hand sanitizer, wipes, rubbing alcohol, bleach, rags, and other cleaning products on hand?  Do you know how to take a sponge bath, heat water for a makeshift bathtub, and make an emergency shower out of a (clean) lawn and garden pump sprayer?

30.  Have various ways to fortify your home.  Is your yard fenced as a first line of defense?  Are your doors and windows secured as much as possible from break in?  Do you have a security system?  How will this system work if the power is shut off?  Do you have dogs which can provide an additional layer of security?  Do you have solar-powered, motion-detector lights around your property?  Do you have trail cams and other surveillance systems around your home?  Do you have a fortified "safe room" in your home?  Do you have various ways to enter and exit your home and property undetected?

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