Thursday, April 1, 2021

10 Ways to Stay on Top of Bad Weather

We were eagerly watching the weather reports last week and hoping that the tornado outbreaks didn't hit any of our friend's or relative's homes in the deep south (they didn't, fortunately).  Whether you live in a dangerous weather area or are concerned about others, here are ten ways to stay on top of bad weather so you don't become a victim of a dangerous weather emergency...

  1. Get a NOAA weather radio (this will alert you to weather emergencies in your area; crank it up to loud so it will wake you if there is a nighttime weather emergency)
  2. Get Wireless Emergency Alerts on your cell phone (again, these alerts are geared towards your local area)
  3. Allow push notifications from apps on your cell phone (these should be news, weather, and emergency apps that send you alerts when there is an emergency in your area)
  4. Watch the news on TV or listen to the news on your radio (news stations generally have extended coverage during a weather emergency and provide information on the disaster at hand as well as info on seeking shelter or receiving help in the local community)
  5. Bookmark useful weather websites on your computer and check these sites regularly (sites should include local news websites, national news sites and specific weather sites)
  6. Frequently peruse apps on your cell phone if you are not at home to keep track of where storms are heading (these should include local news station apps and specific weather apps)
  7. Watch YouTube to get up close and personal with dangerous weather (search storm chasers, your local area, current weather, etc)
  8. If you are a HAM radio operator, check out the NWS HAM Radio Program (you can listen in for alerts and participate by sharing weather info for your specific location)
  9. Check out websites that are specific to your emergency (ie: tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc)
  10. Follow weather agencies on social media to receive up-to-date alerts (ie: FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc)

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