Tuesday, January 26, 2021

What's In Your Tech EDC Bag?

Although most of us haven't been schlepping our tech gear very far over the past several months, people are getting tired of working from home and opting for a few hour's respite at coffee shops or parks or other locations for a change of scenery, which means it may be time to revamp the tech EDC bag.

Here are items you might want to consider having in your tech EDC bag (depending on your needs, you may carry a few, several, or all of these items):

  1. Messenger bag/daypack and assorted pouches to organize gear (I use a daypack)
  2. Laptop (my preference is the Dell XPS 13" i7 laptop)
  3. Tablet or e-reader (I use a Tab S6)
  4. Cell phone (I use an S 20 Ultra)
  5. Switch/gaming system (I don't game but I think every grandkid carries one of these Switch systems with them at all times)
  6. USB fast wall charger/cables (I use a fast charging brick that can charge all of my devices at the same time)
  7. 10k-20k battery bank (depending on your needs, bigger may be better)
  8. Camera/lenses (if you are a photographer or vlogger; I just use the camera on my cell phone)
  9. Drone/GoPro/batteries (if this is your hobby)
  10. Wireless bluetooth mouse (this can work with my cell, tablet, and laptop)
  11. Wireless earbuds (my go-to for listening to music/podcasts/YouTube/etc)
  12. Wired ear buds (used in an emergency when my wireless earbuds/headphones are out of battery)
  13. USB-C headphone adaptor cord (goes with the wired earbuds since my phone and tablet don't have headphone jacks)
  14. Wireless noise canceling headphones (the best option for listening to music or podcasts and block out outside noise)
  15. Spare batteries (for mouse, camera, etc)
  16. Solar charger/power bank (if you will be far from power something like this is a good option)
  17. Spare USB flash drives (I keep a few USB-A/USB-C flash drives on hand for moving or sharing files)
  18. Spare memory cards (ditto)
  19. Micro SD to type C card reader (one of these will allow you to pop the memory card from your dashcam to transfer the files to your cell phone/tablet/laptop)
  20. Type C to type A adaptor tip (if you have older electronics to charge this tip works on your type c cords)
  21. Power strip (for when you need to plug in more than one charger at a time)
  22. Tripod/selfie stick (for taking photos or videos)
  23. Gimbal (for taking steady videos)
  24. External hard drive (if you are saving or moving large files or just want a secure external backup for your files, one of these works great)
  25. External speaker (if you often share your music with others this type of speaker is a good idea)
  26. Watch or smart watch (either one or the other is a must-have for many)
  27. AM/FM radio (good idea when the radio apps on your phone don't work)
  28. HAM radio (an alternative way to communicate if you are licensed to do so)
  29. Folding bluetooth keyboard (can be used with your cell phone and tablet)
  30. Wireless microphone (for vlogging)
  31. Hackerware (if you are a hacker you will have many additional items to add to your tech  EDC bag)
  32. Faraday bag (to isolate your electronics from hackers, EMP, tracking, etc)
  33. Hero clip (a very useful carabiner)
  34. Burner phone/prepaid phone plan (always nice to have one of these which isn't linked to your name)
  35. Small flashlight or headlamp (for looking behind furniture for an outlet, etc)
  36. Scanner/printer (if you regularly scan or print documents, receipts, etc; these come in very small sizes)
  37. Notebook (for making notes, etc)
  38. Fisher Space Pen (ditto)
  39. $100 in back of cell phone case (cash in case of an emergency)
  40. Cell number/cell phone plan (get the best plan for your needs)
  41. VPN (for relatively secure access to the internet)
  42. Apps and software (download the apps and software you usually use)
  43. Domain name/website (optional but a good idea if you are a professional)
  44. MiFi/service plan (if you want a hotspot that won't drain your cell battery, this is a good option)
  45. Leatherman Wave (a useful tool for everyday use)
  46. Email addresses (several for various purposes; personal email business email, spam, etc)
  47. Social media accounts (set up as needed)
  48. Tile tracker (to track your expensive electronics in case they get jacked)
  49. RFID blocking wallet (to secure your ID and credit cards from hackers)
  50. Multi charging cables (I carry something like this mostly to loan to others when needed)


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