Wednesday, January 20, 2021


The inauguration went probably better than many people expected.  Now that stability seems to have taken up residence where instability was on display only a couple weeks ago, it's time to move forward both politically and individually.

Now that we have seen what can happen (I mean, who expected to see a riot inside the capitol building?), it should inspire people to prepare even more diligently than we have in the past.  When literally anything can happen, it makes sense to be prepared for everything.  Moving forward with our preps, we need to concentrate on all facets of preparedness including...

  • Financial (can you survive a year of financial disaster in your own life?  Many people are still dealing with this very situation)
  • Privacy (the vast, and often unknown, ways technology can be used against us was exactly how protestors at the capitol have been rounded up by law enforcement in the past weeks)
  • Physical fitness and health (there's covid, a severely lacking healthcare system, a severely lacking health insurance system for many, obesity rates that are off the charts...people's health and fitness needs to be rebuilt from the ground up and it's one of the most basic preps anyone can do)
  • Knowledge (when people are freaking out over not having toilet paper and having no idea what they can use instead, it points to an extreme lack of knowledge at the most basic level.  A deep and vast level of knowledge of all topics should be a daily preparedness activity)
  • Self sufficiency (if there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is that we can't wholly rely on our usual supply chains to bring us everything we need to our local retailer.  We need to work on this)
Now our country and ourselves will move onward and upward.

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