Saturday, January 2, 2021

10 Things to Do Tomorrow

In no particular order...

  1. Dump out your EDC bag and evaluate the items in it.  Are there some items that you use so often they should be upgraded?  Are there some items that seemed like a good idea at a time but are really not necessary?  Start the new year off right with a very useful, freshly updated EDC bag.
  2. Order seeds and other gardening items.  You want to be ready at seed-starting time and you want to get your order in for high demand seeds which may require a back order to get.
  3. Put together a dozen prepper goals for the new year.  Get your CCW license?  Get your HAM radio license?  Start a new exercise regimen?  While there are a lot of things still in limbo like prepper conferences and events, there are many things you can do from home to make you more prepared for the future.
  4. Review your budget and finances for the year.  Are there areas of your budget that can be cut?  Should you up your savings line item based on last years financial situation?  Are there additional categories that need to be added to your budget or a second job that needs to be taken on to get out of debt quicker?
  5. Go for a walk.  Whether you live in an urban area, suburban, or wilderness area and whether you will be in the sunshine, rain, or snow, making a point to take a daily walk is an easy way to become more physically fit.
  6. Cook a meal from scratch.  Maybe cook all meals this day from scratch.  Maybe switch up your usual carnivorous meals for a day of vegan meals.  Being able to pivot when there are food shortages and eat different things than usual is a good skill to have.
  7. Brush up on a skill you have been thinking about improving or learning.  YouTube is excellent for this.
  8. Hold a family drill.  Fire drill, communication drill, lockdown drill...the random, unanticipated emergency drill will show you areas that need more discussion/training/prepping for.
  9. Get your vehicle ready for the new year.  Check fluids, check the air in the tires, schedule regular maintenance services, maybe get the tires rotated, change out the air any needed maintenance so your vehicle will always be in good working order.
  10. Make a list of home to do/to fix items which you can tackle in the spring.  Do you have drafty doors or windows?  Outlets that don't work?  Other problems you have noticed that need to be dealt with?  With a list you won't forget small problems once spring comes around and you have time to fix them.

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