Saturday, November 21, 2020

Gearing Up for Thanksgiving

Well this will be a Thanksgiving like no other.  With covid cases skyrocketing, our Thanksgiving holiday will be extremely low-key this year.  Here's the plan:

  • Our Thanksgiving dinner will consist of just the spouse and I.  Usually we will host (or at least cook and deliver) a big meal for the holiday but with the majority of our friends and relatives being in the elderly/significant pre-existing conditions category, this holiday we will play it safe and keep the meal to just the people in our household.
  • We will make copious use of Zoom and FB Messenger to connect with friends and family for the holiday.  Even if we can't get out and meet up with people, we can at least check up on people virtually (something that we have been doing for the past several month with people both near and far).
  • We will have a complete Thanksgiving dinner in miniature this year.  Instead of a whole turkey, we got a couple of slabs of roast turkey from a local deli, (small) pies will be baked, and all of the fixins' will be cooked in smaller than usual quantities for the holiday meal.
  • We will stay home for the holiday.  While it would be great to have the kids and grandkids come and visit, this is not the time to travel.  We will probably limit our outings to daily walks and do all of our "Black Friday" shopping online.
  • We are more than stocked up on food and household supplies.  Continuous prepping means never having to panic buy anything when the hoards are waiting in hours long lines to get into Costco and Sam's Club.
  • The extra time spent not doing the usual holiday stuff will instead be spent doing (IMHO) other fun things like geocaching, HAM radio stuff, small projects around the house, etc.
  • Any excursions to see the festivities in our city (lighted gardens, tourists areas decorated for Christmas, etc) will be done early when there are very few people out and about.
  • In short, the pandemic lock-down continues by choice rather than circumstance (so far; the governor may issue an official lockdown but I don't see how that will happen without gutting the economy even more than has been done so far).
I wish you and yours a festive--and safe--Thanksgiving holiday!

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  1. You also - sounds like a good way to stay safe.