Tuesday, June 2, 2020

WTF 2020?

So this year just keeps heading in a downward spiral...  If the pandemic quarantine and the resulting  economic fallout weren't enough, now we have violent protests and looting happening in many cities.  In all cases, no matter the disaster you are facing--pandemic, protests, hurricanes, tornadoes--being prepared and proactive is much better than being reactive.

There are plenty of preparedness folks proclaiming it's the end of the world and still other folks calling for a full-on revolution.  Then there is social media which is a dumpster fire by all accounts.  The conspiracy theorists are in full affect, the regular media is garbage...it's hard to know what to believe and who is pulling the strings.  Again, be proactive, no matter what is happening.  Some random thoughts on the current situation:

  • Avoid the protests.  These are very volatile situations which can easily turn from quietly carrying your sign to all hell breaking loose.  I am happy to help make positive changes in my community but screaming on a corner is probably the least effective way to make lasting change.
  • Bringing a firearm to a protest is a bad idea.  The cops have no idea what side you are on and perceive everyone not in uniform as a threat.  Defending your life with lethal force in the midst of a protest is a guarantee that you will hit not only the aggressor but other innocent people.
  • Be aware of what is happening and where it is happening in whatever area you are in or will be going to.  Many people have inadvertently walked or driven into areas where they suddenly found themselves in the middle of protests that have turned violent; this doesn't work out well for anyone.
  • For the most part, dial down on all media, both social media and regular media.  Listening to that crap 24/7 will make you crazy.  Obviously using these types of media to ascertain the developing situation in your neighborhood is a good idea.
  • Be prepared to defend yourself.  Your home should be your castle and it should be secure and defensible.  Gun sales to first time gun buyers has surged which is not a way to be proactive.  Responsible gun owners will already own firearms, already have their CCW, already have several sessions of practice under their belt...not panic buying a weapon they have no idea what to do with.
  • Stockpile enough food, water, and supplies to see you through a month or more of not leaving your home.  We all got this lesson at the beginning of the pandemic and now in some cities, local stores that people rely on for food and supplies have been burned to the ground.  Also in these cities public transit may not be running so for those who depend on local stores and/or public transit to buy the food and supplies they need, they may be totally out of luck until things return to normal.
  • Know who you can depend on during a disaster.  We have reached out to help several people during the pandemic. and while my house is far away from where the protests are taking place, I know several neighbors that can be counted on if the looters were to come to our neighborhood.
  • Be prepared if things go from bad to worse.  A pandemic was bad.  A pandemic plus violent protests is worse.  A pandemic plus violent protests plus power outage/water shut off/cell towers going down/hurricane/etc. is practically a nightmare situation.  Have plans to address all of these possibilities.  How would you bug in?  How would you bug out?  Can you survive without power?  Can you survive without water coming out of the tap?  How will you communicate without cell phones working?  How can you do all of these things in a stealthy manner so you won't draw unwanted attention to yourself?

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  1. Very straight forward advice. And also know times are definitely going to get terrible soon. It's not a matter of if anymore, it's a matter of when!! Most people will go totally nuts without their cell phones.prepare now or go through alot of misery. The prepared person is a surviving person