Friday, April 17, 2020

Are You Prepping for the Next Pandemic?

I'm always mystified when people who have lived in Florida for several years are shown on the news running out to "prepare" for hurricane season, the day before the first hurricane of the season is set to hit.  After all, the best time to prep for future disasters is when the last disaster is still top of mind, not several months after the fact.

Even though we haven't "completed" the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a great time to prepare for the next pandemic/weather disaster/other natural disaster/other man-made disaster.  Among the questions to ask, and answer, about the current disaster, as it pertains to your future preps, include...

  • How is your food supply?  Did you have enough food at home to keep you out of the stores for a month or more?  What did you eat more of than you planned?  What did you eat less of than you planned?  What food did you wish you had more of?  Should you invest in a freezer?  Do you need more practice cooking/baking/gardening/preserving food?
  • How are your other supplies?  Did you have enough toilet paper?  Did you consider getting a bidet when they come available in the future?  Should you buy much more hand sanitizer/wipes/bleach/etc?  What other supplies do you need to add to your stockpile?
  • What tech difficulties have you encountered?  Are your kids able to continue school online?  Do you need faster internet or alternate internet services?  Do you have enough tech devices for all family members to use at the same time?  Do you need a better webcam/microphone since you are using Zoom/FM Messenger/etc. and found that your current tech gear isn't up to snuff?
  • How is the family doing with entertainment options?  Should you add more non-tech games such as a chess set/Jenga game/jigsaw puzzles to your stash?  Do the kids need to burn off energy and need more physically active games like a basketball hoop/Wii Fit system/etc?
  • How are your medical preps?  Is your first aid kit lacking any items that need to be added/restocked?  Are there medical preps you should have done like dental work or new eyeglasses?  Did you have enough prescriptions to see you through the current disruption or should you stockpile more in the future?
  • Are your financial preps adequate?  Did you have enough money to see you through the current financial situation including lay offs/difficulty accessing the unemployment website/paying the rent or mortgage/etc?  Do you need to build up your emergency fund to cover several more months of financial instability?
  • What other difficulties have you encountered that you want to be prepared for in the future?

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