Monday, March 2, 2020

50 Ways to Pass the Time in Quarantine

Who knows if any of us will end up in quarantine due to the coronavirus (although judging by all of the empty shelves at the stores around my city it looks like people are planning to bug in for a good long time) but if the worse should happen, an often overlooked part of staying home for days on end is how to beat the boredom that comes along with not leaving your home (something very people are used to since work, school, and entertainment keeps most of us out of our homes on a daily basis).  So along with your stockpile of food, water, and toilet paper, consider adding these entertainment items to your preps...

  1. TV (along with Netflix, Prime, Hulu, et al).
  2. Musical instruments (even if you don't play an instrument, if you always wanted to learn, being home-bound is a good time to learn a la YouTube).
  3. HAM radio (get licensed ASAP, pick up a cheap Baofeng, and you will be ready to communicate with the outside world).
  4. Board games (Monopoly, Scrabble, Candyland, etc)/card games
  5. Books (from Amazon, the bookstore, used book stores, thrift stores, and garage sales).
  6. E-books (many library systems now allow you to download e-books for free these days).
  7. Jigsaw puzzles (a 20,000 piece puzzle can keep you busy for weeks).
  8. Models (putting together and painting car models, airplane models, and model railways are popular hobbies).
  9. Woodworking or leatherworking kits.
  10. Video games (XBox, Wii, etc).
  11. Play Doh or modeling clay.
  12. Art supplies (paints, paper, crayons, markers, calligraphy pens, etc).
  13. Coloring books (for both kids and adults).
  14. Crossword puzzle books/sudoku books/word find books/etc.
  15. Candlemaking supplies.
  16. Knitting/sewing/quilting supplies.
  17. Crafting supplies (jewelry making, scrapbooking, etc)
  18. Gardening supplies.
  19. Horseshoe game/cornhole game/etc.
  20. Telescope/astronomy gear.
  21. Hula hoops/batons/juggling/yo yo/Rubiks Cube/jump ropes
  22. Skill kits; magic, lockpicking, electronics
  23. Pool table/ping pong table
  24. Toys for the kids/legos/blocks/etc.
  25. Home workshop: metalworking, gunsmithing, wood working
  26. Pets (dogs, cats, etc)
  27. Balls: basketball, football, soccer
  28. Home gym: treadmill, weights, stair stepper, etc.
  29. RC cars, drones
  30. Gear for podcasting/starting a YouTube channel
  31. Supplies for baking/winemaking/beermaking/etc.
  32. Online learning: languages, Khan Academy, etc.
  33. Home art studio: ceramics, pottery, sculpting, blacksmithing, etc.
  34. Online collaboration: blogging, genealogy, crime solving sites, Wikipedia editing
  35. Archery set.
  36. Build a mini golf course.
  37. Kites (if you have the room in your yard).
  38. Pool/hot tub/trampoline.
  39. Online exercise classes: yoga, Zumba, martial arts, etc.
  40. Swing set/outdoor obstacle course.
  41. Zen garden materials/bonsai plants
  42. Darts/dartboard
  43. Toy section stuff: action figures, toy cars, dolls, EZ Bake oven, tie dye craft kit
  44. Chess set/Mahjong set/checkers set
  45. If you have a very big yard: bicycles, ATVs/dirt bikes, shooting sports gear, paintball gear
  46. Family entertainment: karaoke, charades, dancing, acting out skits, etc
  47. Whittling/origami/rock painting supplies.
  48. Online activities: investing, redditing, coding, playing poker, etc.
  49. Writing letters/pen pals.
  50. Bird watching/build birdhouses.

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