Monday, January 27, 2020

More on the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak continues to grow and information as well as misinformation is growing exponentially as well.  Social media is fueling the spread of information that is occasionally helpful but more often than not, flat out wrong.  Among the things I've seen posted on social media: you can't spread the virus if you don't have symptoms (incorrect), from an anti-vaxxer mom--if you are healthy your body will reject any viruses it is exposed to (utter bullshit), and it's time to bug in and not leave your house until this outbreak has passed ("Don't panic unless you are paid to panic").

Since this situation is continuing to develop, there are still a lot of unknowns (how virulent is this outbreak? how many people could die from this outbreak? should I panic buy every N95 mask I can get my hands on?), but here are a few things to consider...

I'll post more on this topic as updated information becomes available...

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