Tuesday, January 21, 2020

20 Items You Need for an Urban Post-SHTF Situation

In an urban post-SHTF situation, be sure to have the following items on hand...
  1. Silcock key.  When looking for water in an urban environment, opening the water valves in commercial and industrial buildings can be an option.
  2. Crowbar.  Lots of uses from searching for victims to escaping your own destroyed home to breaking into commercial buildings to borrow needed supplies.
  3. N95 masks.  Don't want to be inhaling dust and debris so use a mask when outside (buy some white ones for normal use and black ones for night ops).
  4. Lockpicking kit.  Learn how to use this kit before you need it.
  5. Headlamp.  Better than a flashlight in many cases; bring a flashlight too, however.
  6. Gloves.  Leather work gloves, nitrile gloves, black nitrile gloves for night ops, and Mechanix-type grippy gloves.
  7. HAM radio.  This may be the only way to communicate if all other communication systems are down.
  8. Fixed-blade knife.  Cutting bloody things is slippery business, make sure your fixed blade knife has a hilt.  Carry it in a sheath.
  9. Goggles.  To keep the dirt, smoke, and particulate matter in the air out of your eyes.
  10. Drone.  Get the quietest one you can find.
  11. Bolt cutters.  Best option for cutting things that would otherwise be difficult to access (locks, heavy gauge wire, chain link fences, etc).
  12. Firearms (pistol, shotgun, rifle) and lots of ammo.  
  13. Bottle of bleach (or two or three).  There are lots of uses for bleach in a SHTF situation.
  14. Matches/lighters/magnesium fire starter.  The ability to make fire is always necessary.
  15. Duct tape/paracord/zip ties/bungie cords.  There are a multitude of uses for items that can bind/tie/secure stuff in a SHTF event.
  16. Multi tool.  Always useful.
  17. Medical kit.  The more comprehensive the better.
  18. Food, water.
  19. Solar charger.  For all of your gear with rechargeable batteries such as HAM radio, headlamp, flashlight, etc.
  20. Stuff specific to your area and circumstance: hot weather gear, cold weather gear, bicycle or motorcycle, etc. 

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