Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The God-Awful Mess of American Politics

It's a historic day as the House has voted to impeach President Trump.  While there is still more to come, this will definitely be a memorable holiday season.  For those so inclined, they can lobby their senate representatives or participate in protests but Congress is going to do what Congress is going to do and it looks like they will do it along straight partisan lines.  There is always voting in the next presidential election.  Meanwhile I will continue to focus on my own preparedness, including...

  • physical preparedness (health, nutrition, and fitness)
  • financial preparedness (debt free, multiple sources of income, savings and diversified investments, etc)
  • having a daily mindset of preparedness and security (in my home, in my neighborhood, in other public places, etc)
  • continuing to increase my knowledge of preparedness and survival
  • practicing for preparedness and survival situations
  • and as a last resort, having the ability to leave the country (passport and money at the ready as well as several places available to go to in other countries)

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