Saturday, November 23, 2019

10 Challenges for the Coming Decade

The 2010s are almost over and we will welcome the 2020s in a month or so.  Will you be ready?  Among the challenges we will be facing in the coming new decade include:

  1. Having your every move tracked, evaluated, and sold to advertisers in a tidy data packet.  This same information will also be useful to our ever-growing surveillance state.
  2. A market crash.  Economics are cyclical so more and more people think a recession will soon be here.  Be prepared--be debt free, have lots of money in savings, diversify your investments, know how to live frugally, have multiple sources of income, etc.
  3. Climate change.  More forest fires, more drought...the impact of the climate on everything from polities to economics to the number of creatures we have on our planet will be even more front and center in the next decade.
  4. Just a guess, but the 2020 election should be an absolute shit show.  And this will set the tone for years to come.
  5. Social concerns.  They aren't getting any better and will probably be even more of an issue in the next decade.  From lack of healthcare, people priced out of housing, a burgeoning homeless population, food insecurity, school systems that are a travesty, ever-increasing prison concerns that aren't being addresses will be even more impactful during the next decade.
  6. Another guess, but by the end of the 2020s, employment and work and jobs as we know them will probably be very different than they are today.
  7. Technology will, of course, change drastically as well.  When I think of the number of technological advances in my grandparents lifetime compared to tech changes in my lifetime, things are moving exponentially faster these days.
  8. Politics will be...politics as usual.  China will do their thing, Russia will do their thing, our country is moving towards socialism (yikes), and I'm guessing most people in congress have never even read the Constitution or Bill of Rights (double yikes).
  9. People's health, well-being, and life expectancy is declining.  This will most likely continue based on what people eat (garbage), how much they exercise (not enough), and how they handle mental health issues (suicide rates are skyrocketing).
  10. People are becoming less and less independent.  Whether it is adults who still rely on their parents for support well into the 30s to people who simply can not survive without crowd-sourcing their life via social media to the utter lack of common sense I see more and more of each day, this is yet another challenge everyone will need to deal with in the future.

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